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Nicomachean Ethics, Politics

by Aristotle

Written by Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics and Politics are a pair of writings that go over the scholar’s views on ethical concerns and political constructs of society.

Included in this title are various concerns of the academic including ethics in society, politics, and what makes people just. Aristotle wrote this beginning with commonly accepted ideals on the concept of ethics and then got more detailed as the writing continued. As well as the various political regimes possible, how they compare, and how they effect people. This is a good primer not only in the ideals of Aristotle, who was a key figure in the growth of western thought, but also in the subject of ethics and politics, and how that has grown through history.

There are quite a few editions on the market for these pieces. Touchstone has one to offer in which Dr. Mortimer J. Adler adds his views on how Aristotle’s works have effected philosophy and what the author was trying to achieve in his writings. Even with the added information, this text is a bit dense and should be avoided unless you’re heavy into philosophy already. Fordham University Press has this pair of works split into two easy to handle volumes. Dr. Adler also had a hand in these editions as well, but these come off a bit easier to read. If you’re still interested in Adler’s thoughts on philosophy but aren’t well developed in the teachings this is definitely one to consider. The version that really stands out though is Hackett Classics’. It is also aimed towards the average reader, but, with a brand new translation, notes throughout aimed at contextual analysis and understanding this one is the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, there is added writing from Aristotle and notations on such that help tie these works to his life and ideals as a whole.