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by Aristotle

Physics by Aristotle is one of the classical texts from the ancient world. Aristotle, one of the great minds of western thought, uses this book to detail some of his thoughts.

The book entails Aristotle’s thoughts on the natural world and the way of things. Broken into eight chapters of the various parts of nature he discusses. His writings form the basis of much of western philosophy and further scientific pursuits.

There are three versions of this text ton the market that stand out. For the copy with the most analysis, see the one from the Aristotelian Commentary Series. It not only includes the entirety of the original text, but also the thoughts of St. Thomas Aquinas’ thoughts on the writing. The Hackett Classics version is the most pure of the three. That being said, it does still have plenty in the way of notations and further reading. The best of the three is that of Oxford World Classics. It balances solid translation and commentary without overloading the reader. It is great for those new to ancient literature or those already well versed.