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by Aristotle

Written by Aristotle, one of the great minds of the early world, Poetics is just as it sounds. A look into the poetic art and literary theory from ancient times.

This book is great for a variety of people. Whether you’re interested in ancient writing, Aristotle, philosophy, poetry, or literary theory; this book is an interesting read. A great deal of effort goes into the concept of storytelling and what make good literature, well… good. Many of the ideas Aristotle had in his day regarding literary works are still valid to his day and used in English and writing programs throughout.

There are two version of this work that are worthwhile, the first being Oxford’s edition. It not only has a very reliable translation but there are also a good amount of notation and index to help readers understand the points Aristotle is trying to make. However, the notes are all endnotes, which is a hassle for those wanting context as they read, and isn’t recommended for those new to Aristotle or ancient writing. The version by Hackett avoids this problem. There are great notations throughout that help guide the reader if needed. There is also a great introduction plus additional text written by Aristotle to help supplement this work.