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by Epictetus

Discourses by Epictetus, the philosopher of ancient Greece. Actually penned by his student, this book combines some of the stoic’s most well known ideals and teachings.

Included in this book are concepts on cynicism, nature, logic, and his thoughts on philosophy as a whole. This is a great read for philosophy students and those interested on the ancient world, but you definitely don’t have to fall into one of those categories to enjoy this work. Many who want to understand more of the world or better themselves have looked to this book for guidance.

Penguin Classics is a well known name when it comes to texts like this. They do have a copy of Discourses up for grabs, but it is rather bare bones compared to some of their other works. However, Oxford World Classics has done a great job with their version and I think it stands out. It offers a great modern translation of the main writings of Discourses as well as the surviving fragments of the rest of the work. A welcoming introduction and solid notes on top of that give you the best bet at appreciating Epictetus’ work