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by Euclid of Alexandria

Written by Euclid of Alexandria, Elements is a key text in history. Euclid, being one of the founders of modern mathematics and considered to be the founder of geometrics. This text includes some of his most essential thoughts.

Included in the text are some of the basics of Euclid’s founding in mathematics. Findings that have been used to this day. Also, included are his thoughts on logic and other scientific endeavors. An interesting book for those interested in history, science, or mathematics.

Dover Publications has a version of this text, separated into an unabridged collection of three books. While translation and text is great and is easy to read, the fact that you’re searching for a series of books is a minus. It is also one of the oldest translations still on the market. Green Lion Press has a copy for offer as well. It boasts few notations and large margins for note taking, plus a solid index for further reading. This is great for those who already get the basics of his theories and want a solid refresher. The most impressive version is that from Taschen. It has a solid amount of notations, expanded formulas, and diagrams to better show what Euclid was trying to get across. This is not only best for those new to the subject but it isn’t spoon fed to those already knowledgeable on the content.