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Early History of Rome

by Livy

Written by Livy (also known as Titus Livius), Early History of Rome is exactly as the title states.

Despite it’s age, the text is still regarded by historians for its views. It is the only surviving work of Livy despite his writing prowess. The history spans from the founding of Rome, including the legends of such. It ends sometime amongst the rule of Augustus.

Penguin Classic’s text is one that you may consider grabbing. It has a fairly comprehensive translation and makes the text fairly easy to follow. The translator, Aubrey de Selincourt, was educated and University College and Oxford and definitely knew what he was doing. Unfortunately it pales just slightly when compared to Hackett’s own copy. Hackett offers a more modern translation and went for a more literal approach to allow for the concepts to stand out better. It also offers more in the way of explanation and notes to help the readers understand this ancient history.