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by Michel de Montaigne

Essays by Michel de Montaigne is a rather unassuming title for a series of books and essays spanning human nature and life subjects.

Included in Essays are Montaigne’s thoughts on life, man, emotions and other common philosophical content. The author’s works are rather blunt and even humorous at times, which makes them quite unique compared to other philosophic texts.

Penguin Classics, as per usual with ancient works, has a solid edition for your consideration. It offers a great translation from Dr. M. A. Screech who has gained fame for his work with texts such as these. While it is said that his translation was the end all be all, it has sort of fallen out of style as the years have gone on. On top of that there are some issues with formatting and the prints of this edition that cause many buyers some remorse. Everyman’s Library’s edition has one that stands up just a bit taller. Donald M. Frame’s own translation is considered to be amore modern equivalent of Screech’s own. It has pushed this edition into the forefront and many academics use this edition today.