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by Nicomachus of Gerasa

Arithmetic, written by Nicomachus of Gerasa or Nicomachus for short. He is an ancient mathematician and scholar. In this book, there are the basics of his learnings in the subject of mathematics.

An interesting text for historians and scientists alike. This book serves as a primer to the study of mathematics as well as what Nicomachus learned in his career. The author goes on about the concrete nature of numbers and their resonance in an ever changing world.

There are two solid editions that stand out. Kessinger Publishings edition, while not the original text, is a great adaptation of the text for a better understanding of the content. The better of the two is the copy by St. John’s University Press. While at first look it does seem like an old copy, but this version still holds its own today. The translation is a solid work and it doesn’t distract the reader with any extra details.