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Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans

by Plutarch

Lives offers a look into the daily ongoings of ancient Romans and Greeks. Plutarch: writer, historian, philosopher, and later in life priest; uses his varied learnings to write a well rounded view of his society.

Both used as a historical text, including various biographies of famous Greeks and Romans, it was also written at the time to help point out the similarities of the two empires. This is a valuable source of information for those interested in the history of the Greco-Roman nations but to those wanting to know more about their societal and political designs.

You may find this book with other names (often Plutarch’s Lives or Parallel Lives) but fear not, the content should be the same. Both Oxford and Penguin maintain reputable editions of this work separated into multiple titles to help parse out the information. Both include varied notes and glossaries, as well as bibliographies for further reading on the subject. Either publisher is a good choice for anyone interested in this title.