Read The Great Books

A Curated Guide for Autodidacts

Old Testament, New Testament


Whether you’re looking into these books for religious purposes or for the subject of literature, a good copy of the New Testament and Old Testament definitely come in handy. It goes without saying that there are a lot of copies to choose from out there. With that, there is a lot to think about no matter what your interest in the texts.

The version that rises above the rest is Oxford’s, now in its 5th edition. Usually speaking, a publisher only adds new editions of works if their worthwhile, and this is no exception. Churches, schools, and everyday people have used Oxford’s copy of the Testaments for decades now. This is the end-all, be-all version to get ahold of. It offers great introductions, full color maps, diagrams, lots of annotations, timelines, further readings, and plenty more from some of the great minds in theology, history, and literature. There is no substitute for this version.